Mathias D. Clain


Hi. Thank you for visiting my site.

The sound of my work is not so loud compared to some of todays masterings. I'd like to add the following thoughts:

I find more joy when music isn't powered too much. I love a certain feel and depth in the recording. My aim is to maintain that for my own music. I only can say that in my studio there's use of a console and units that you can find in professional mastering and mixing studios and I dedicate for good sound. The handful of signal processors here have valve technology, some clones/ replicas from the classics like the Pultec EQ, '76 Limiting Amp etc. Sometimes and in the longer way I appreciated things remaining as they are in their natural form. That is basically what I care for most: do I hear the natural sound. Even if it is loud then or even lesser loud. As long as it doesn't sound unnatural. My work explores various genres, ranging from techno to drone and experimental sonic landscapes. Best, Mathias.


Coming Soon: Techno Works

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Violin Zither: Eerie Landscape 1 - February 2018

The sound of my own Instrument. In this work bowed with a bass bow and processed through tube reverberation and the modular system. I took the better parts of the longer recording and post processed them in the DAW. with a lot of mixing using a digital mixer, a short but intense sonic scape. 

Info text: " instrument with strings. It can be played in several ways: with a bow, a mallet, hands, a plectrum and so on. I am satisfied and pleased with its sound and possibilties. It has a mahogany wood finish and various steel strings (originally meant for Harpsichord and Zither). Acoustically the instrument its soundboard has a beautiful dark timbre but the idea always was to play it with echo. I made two sections on the instrument with replaceable bridges, one is for the eerie part and one is musical. Vibrato is possible as well and there's not really a rule on how to play it. The tuning is fixed untill it is retuned to another sound." 


The Horror Waterphone - Part 1, Variations (2018)

An instrument made of steel originally invented by Richard Waters in the late 60's. The 'Horror Waterphone' is my own designed version with a couple of changes not found yet on available waterphones on the market. With help from my father making this became a reality. The Waterphone is known for its beautiful haunting sounds. What I know from experience is that playing a waterphone is not easy as you'd expect. As you bow one part can sound extremely nice and right after appears annoying overtone content. It is truly a skill to avoid these tones that should not be there. This waterphone is made from bronze and copper, most are made from stainless steel. In this piece you can hear two varitations of the same. I've recorded it through the modular amp, fixed filter bank and tube reverberation afterwards processed using a voltage controlled delay. 



Voices Of The Void - Part 1 (2018)    

A while back I've made similar recordings that where cut to a lathe vinyl. I wanted to make a more proper version with these. The sound that you hear originates mainly by giving friction to a plate with friction mallets. I've recorded it through the echo unit and through a fixed filter bank on the modular system. The piece comes in two variations. Voices Of The Void is dedicated to the spirits.



Techno Mix With Tanaka, Mills, Regis.. - November 2017

Here is a techno mix I've made with some older favourites. There's no black ideal through this mix but explores era 1998/ 2000. I do not hold dj carreer ambitions anymore mostly because of unfortunate health problems since 2012 wich I still suffer from daily but I do enjoy playing some mixes from time to time at home.  Should the set not start, try refreshing the browser. It should start right away. Hope you enjoy the mix and stay tuned for more mixes.



Regis & Peter Sutton, In Honour_Tribute Mix - May 2017

A mix I've recorded with works solely from Regis & Peter Sutton. Raw and true Techno. The record 'Against Nature' had a momentous impact on me. The other works are by Regis taken from both albums 'Necklace Of Bites' and 'Delivered Into The Hands Of Indifference'. Enjoy!