Hi and thank you for visiting. I hope that you enjoy your stay on this site. The audio players are easy to use. Analog equipment is an important aspect to me but digital can be equally good. The studio is somewhat a combination of it. I like digital most when it comes to precision reverbs or complex pitch shifters, they are great for that I find while eq's, compressors, instruments are better off to be analog I've learnt but there's always the exception. Digital is so good for control aspects as well, to store and manage. I'm not a wild youngling anymore who says "one is better than the other and not different" allthough I really like analog very very much. Same with monophonic synths, they are the best in my opinion but there's always the exception and more of - depending in what sound context we find ourselves in - will say what's right to our ear. Overall I prefer to build my own patches from simple sine tones, it is exciting. I use a tube echo, a tube preamp, a MU-modular, a mixing console, some drum machines and few other pieces like a ribbon controller, sequencer, a DAW. for recording, some signal processors etc. You can always hear that real physical process when recording wich I think is wonderful to sound.

Next to producing electronic music and techno I enjoy to experiment with 'The Waterphone'. This instrument with tonal rods and echo chamber can hold water and creates hauntingly beautiful sounds. It is not that easy as you'd expect. Often you'll find works made with this instrument. I've built one titled 'The Horror Waterphone' made from bronze/copper, an instrument for personal use. Occasionally I build my own instruments. A string instrument was made as well, it can create beautiful drones but also eerie sonic landscapes. I hope to build more things in the time to come. You can expect music here that could be categorised under or between drone and techno, roughly said. I'll add new recordings and tracks often or whenever it feels right or when I can. Some other tracks might be taken down too wich happens often or maby I can find a bit more confidence again. I always create from my own feeling. Best, Mathias.


The Electronic Experience (Four Fragments) - This work explores free sculpting. Allow some time to connect with the work. They are somewhat weird techno rhythms with rough/ out of context sequences. The patch was a complex patch built around the noise module of the modular. The drums are 909. It has a very electronic appeal to me and makes me smile at times while at the same time it is obscure. The work was originally one long track that later could be divided by these four pieces, the reason they where called fragments. This work was meant as a sound test after rewiring so I was pleased with what was happening. Not for everyone perhaps. Completely live played pieces and in the same sound the way they have been recorded. No mastering, mastering was done during recording (recorded through a tube preamp, a tube EQ., a tube limiting amp/ compressor, a mixing console and channel strip). Two instruments where used - my modular system and a 909 (TR-8).
Electronic Waterphone - A waterphone processed through the modular. It sounds more industrial compared to the acoustic recording and by using the EG.'s (envelope generators) and Gate (trigger signals) additional depth and expression can be given. The instrument was played using a bass bow. A modulating delay was used during the process.

Older stuff..