My work explores and captures (how I would personally describe it and in essence) the improvisational aspects of recording. It also explores a sound nature not easily achieved. Recordings will often be presented in suite tradition listened to as one work "several pieces making one voice". The various genres in my music explore both rhythmical and musical or sonic landscapes. #techno/drone/experimental

This site is a personal website. Being a studio cat is what I enjoy most, in heart and soul and is what truly matters to me. Occasionally I build some own instruments. 'The Horror Waterphone' is an own designed waterharp (built August, 2016) made from bronze and copper. A string instrument was made as well and some additional things for the studio like studio furniture and cabinetry (Modular Synth & Signal Processors). New recordings will be added from time to time and whenever possible. Feel free to pass through to check out something new. Thank you for visiting my website.

| Drone/ Experimental: Waterphone, Dulcimer, Modular & Electronic Cello

This section is all about experimental sounds and drone. Tracks and backing tracks are most of the time improvisational recorded, like previously mentioned. Sometimes I mix them together with a DAW controller to bring more life to them when needed. The used content is still within that frame but sounds more as post-production then. Eerie film scores and the scoring workflow really started to catch my attention, brought together in the period that I became a waterphonist, it may have a cinematic listening expierence.

There will be rougher works as well. I like both equally. Works are sometimes reprocessed through the modular system but signal processors combined with a mixing console are used mainly through the process. Various musical instruments are used or anything that can produce a voice to make the nature of the sounds (objects, vco's, strings etc).


| Techno Recordings & Rhythms