Music of Mathias D. Clain

Hi! Thank you for visiting my site. The sound of my work is not so loud compared to some of todays mastering. I'd like to add the following thoughts:

Personally I find more joy when music isn't powered so much, mostly when experimental/classical music or "gourmet" drone was on before. I love a certain feel of depth, like a room not fully packed. My aim is to maintain that for my own music, it goes well with drones/ soundscapes wich I consider important for my further soundquest. I only can say that in my studio there's use of a console and units that you can find in professional mastering and mixing studios and I dedicate for good sound. The handful of signal processors here have valve technology, some clones/ replicas from the classics like the Pultec EQ, '76 Limiting Amp etc. Sometimes and in the longer way I appreciated things, remaining as they are in their natural form. That is basically what I care for most, do I hear the natural sound. Even if it is loud then or for that matter lesser loud. As long as it doesn't sound unnatural. Many kudos for those who can do loudness correctly. For my own music it does not work so well, rather giving pain than joy. I have always experienced that. So I prefer for that real time volume where there's no audio behaviour limitation like within a file.

In short: know when you are here, there's not the loudest impression to be heard..just making music at 0db and following my personal feel. Recommended to listen with good studio monitoring or headphones. Thank you for listening, much appreciated!~


Percussion Loops Part 1, Excerpts - November 2017

Live played percussive techno tools. In this work additional rhythm is explored topped on 909 drums. So far you can hear three excerpts. More of these will be made soon and hopefully more other work as well in this time. In essence the idea is to mix them with dark atonal melodies created on the Modular, with Arp or others; several voices making one voice.


Techno Recording 2.12.3 - September/ October 2017

Here is a favourite recording made between September/ October taken from a series of other recordings. In the end I think only this one is to be remained from these. This one was made around September. I've used a 909, signal units and a sound unit, very little. My main aim is to create something with less when I make music. More such like tracks will be explored..

Techno Mix With Tanaka, Mills, Regis.. - November 2017

Here is a techno mix I've made with some older favourites. A few uploads I regret putting down was for example a Jeff Mills tribute and another from him for his Something In The Sky project. I wanted to bring back a bit of that music. There's no black ideal through this mix but explores era 1998/ 2000. I do not hold dj carreer ambitions anymore mostly because of unfortunate health problems since 2012 wich I still suffer from daily but I do enjoy playing some mixes from time to time at home. I hope some of you can enjoy the mix. Free download~

Rhythm Sculptures EP, Vinyl 1 - Lathe Vinyl

A while back I made this personal vinyl with 909 drum loops. On the B-side where 808 loops. Here is the A-side. The tracks contain a handful of sounds from the drum machine(s), some only four, essence within basics. One track has an 808 clave with an additional old trick used on reverberation. I wanted to return to the root of Techno Music. Before listening know that this vinyl comes with noises and crackles wich I kind of did intentionally. The idea in the start was to make it sound old, like an old record from the 90's. In the next Rhythm Sculptures I'll leave the works more proper..